Auto Glym Professional Radiant Wax Polish 5 Litre

Autobody Supplies


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Formulated for new car preparation and new or buffed paintwork. 
Produces exceptional depth and clarity of gloss. 
Highly effective on soft paintwork and difficult colours, including darker shades and black. 
Outstanding on clear coats. Apply polish with clean cotton cloth. 
Alternatively, use a 1800 RPM polishing machine with lambswool head for faster results.

Radiant Wax Polish or better known Super Resin Polish is now available in the trade sized can, which results in better value for money. It offers long term beauty treatment for all paint types including metallics. Internationally acclaimed, Autoglym Radiant Wax Polish, is the ultimate easy to use combination cleaner, polish and sealant. Ideal for all types and colours of new or moderately deteriorated vehicle paintwork, including metallic, clearcoat and waterbased paint finishes. Autoglym Radiant Wax Polish contains low molecular weight resins which provide exceptional cosmetic effect and protection from most environmental hazards

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