Acrylic Kandy Aerosol Colours

This specially designed product is solely for intensifying color. If you are a color junkie and just can’t get enough, try adding a color boost to our Acrylic Kandy range.

(Mixed with 303 Acrylic Binder & Sprayed over G6420 Coarse Silver and then finished off with 3 Coats of Acrylic Clear )

But you can change the colour by using different colours for your base so have a char with us in store to see what you can create.


Strengthen Kandy’s for faster coverage on chassis, undercarriage, door jambs, engine bays, etc.

Acrylic Kandy will get you through the tough stuff fast by, saving time & material. 

Create a truly exotic color by Spraying one of our 16 Kandy Colours that we have Available , You can create many exciting colours depending on the base that you use .

Perfect for motorcycles or small parts when speed is a factor.

Great to use for touch-ups and blending. 

NOTE: We use color swatches provided to us directly by the manufacturer. Due to the variations in monitors and monitor settings, the color displayed on your monitor may differ from the actual color of the swatch provided. 

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