Custom Made Vinyl/Leather/Plastic Paints 1000's of Colours Available

SEM Color Coat is a fade resistant, flexible, permanent coating to restore or change the color of most vinyl, plastic, carpet and velour. 

1000's of Colours can be made in store to either match your existing Colour or if you want to change to a new Colour .

We can put this colour into an easy to use Aerosol can or you can buy it in 100ml right up to 4 Litre sizes if you want to spray it through a Gun.

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View all 11X Antique Gold 15173 Camel Colourcoat 1712 medium ember 1729 Silver Blue Metallic SEM 1729Y Silver Blue Metallic Ford 1756 Cream White 1788 Medium Carmel 18573 Medium Red 3 23I Cerulean VK/VL/VP Commodore 25I Graphite Blue 274 Saffron Mercedes 4431 Buckskin 4734 Portola Red 4904 Beige Vinyl Paint 4915 Boat Blue 4922 Light Green 4922 Light Green SEM COLOURCOAT 4924 AQUA SEM COLOURCOAT 4925 SEM COLOURCOAT TURQUOISE 4BX Light Titanium 5004 Dark Biscuit Colourcoat Vinyl 5379 SLATE GREY SEM 5546 Dark Khaki 6313 Sea Ray Alabaster 657 Savanah Beige BMW 320I 2005 7802 Coffee Cream Sem 7804 Capuccinno AVOCADO GREEN Bisque Beige Brown Vinyl Paint Candy Colours Carpet Paint Cerulean Commodore Vinyl Paint Chaomis HQ-HZ CODOE Doeskin Roofliner Cooper Colorcoat Mixing Colour Horizons Colourcoat Colourcoat Paint Colourcoat SEM COVERT Holden Vinyl Paint Dark Brown Vinyl Paint Dark Claret Vinyl Paint Darker Sage Green DKHGR Dark Khaki Green EHTM EH Holden Turquoise Mist FORD USA G1 Mako Grey Vinyl Interior Paint Gazelle 64V Gold Metallic Vinyle and leather paint Green Vinyl paint HQ Light Blue Vinyl Paint Khaki Carpet Paint Khaki Leather Paint Khaki Plastic Paint Khaki Velour Paint Khaki Vinyl Paint KNISDG Nissan Patrol GU DARK Grey (K) LC2 Lounge Cream / Beige LEATHER Leather Cleaner Leather Paint Letaher Paint Light Green Vinyl Paint Light Parchment Lounge Suite Dark Camel Vinyl Paint M25073 Ranger Off White Magna Blue Vinyl Paint Mako Grey Plastic Paint Mako Grey Vinyl Paint MEDOA SEM Medium Oak MERCDGR W209 2003 CLK Dark Slate Grey Mercedes 1985 Brown MGB Roofliner Grey Ottoman Blue Pale Green Leather Paint Pale Green Vinyl Paint Pantone Colours Plastic Paint PMS8003 PANTONE BROWN Porcelain Green Purple Plastic Paint PURPLE VINYL PAINT Purple Vunyl Paint Ramgerover Palomino Retro Green S3319HA Bright Blue SEM Colourcoat Vinyl Sea Ray Alabaster sea ray mystic white Searray Alabaster 6313 SEM Aqua Blue SEM Blue Vinyl Paint SEM Carver White 6316 sem colour horizons SEM Colourcoat SEM Colourcoat Paint Sem Colouur Horizons SEM Cream White Sem Flakes sem leather paint Sem Paint SEM Ranger Charcoal Grey SEM Ranger Gunmetal Grey SEM Ranger White SEM Shadow Blue Colourcoat Vinyl SEM Vinyl paint SEM XC Hoodliner Off White SN3D5 CENTRE DUST SEM COLOURCOAT T4 Camel FORD Tan Vinyl Paint TANBI Bianca Tan Turquoise Mist Interior Paint Velour Paint Vinyl Dye Vinyl Paint Vinyl Prep

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