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Pantone® PMS Colours

One such use is standardizing colors in the CMYK process. The CMYK process is a method of printing color by using four inks—cyan, magenta,yellow, and black. A majority of the world's printed material is produced using the CMYK process, and there is a special subset of Pantone colors that can be reproduced using CMYK.

                        Specializing in Colour  

View all 011C Warm Grey Pantone 012C Pantone Yellow 021C Pantone Orange 13888 Zodiac Blue 2K Gloss Black 2K PMS 2k-2-pack-aerosol-spray-cans-range 3292C Pantone Green 485C Pantone Red 568 Pantone Green 708C Pantone Pink aerosol-custom-spray-paint BLUE SOLID Carpet Paint COLES RED Colour Horizons COOL GREY 10C Cool Grey 9C Cummins Red PMS485C custom custom-aerosol-paints-mixes debeers gloss black Leather Paint pantone Pantone 012C Pantone 151c Pantone 158c Pantone 159c Terracotta PANTONE 553 GREEN Pantone 654c PANTONE BLUE PMS2728 Pantone Colours Pantone Cool Grey 6C Pantone Cool Grey 7c Pantone cool grey 8c Pantone Cool Grey 8C Enamel MATT Pantone Cool Grey 8C Enamel SATIN Pantone Cool Grey 9C Pantone Orange Pantone PMS7503 Pantone Yellow pantone-pms-spray-cans pantone-tpg-colours-aerosol PANTONE® 12-2901 TPG Morganite PANTONE® Cool Grey 11C PANTONE® Cool Grey 5C PANTONE® Cool Grey 7C PANTONE® Cool Grey 8C PANTONE® Cool Grey 9C Plastic Paint pms PMS 011C Warm Grey PMS 2022C Pantone PMS 7711C PMS Colour PMS Pantone 6C Black PMS Yellow C pms-pantone-aerosol-colours PMS000 Pantone Pure White PMS012C PMS Yellow PMS021 ORANGE PMS021c Pantone® Bright Orange PMS108 Pantone Yellow MATT Enamel PMS108 Pantone Yellow SATIN Enamel PMS108 YELLOW PMS108 YELLOW 2K PMS108 YELLOW ENAMEL GLOSS PMS109 Pantone Yellow GLOSS PMS109 Pantone Yellow MATT PMS109 YELLOW SATIN Ename PMS10C PMS116 Pantone Race Yellow PMS11C COOL GREY PANTONE PMS11c Pantone Cool Grey Custom ACRYLIC MATT PMS11c Pantone Cool Grey Custom ENAMEL GLOSS PMS11c Pantone Cool Grey Custom ENAMEL SATIN PMS11c Pantone Warm Grey Custom ACRYLIC GLOSS PMS11c Pantone Warm Grey Custom ACRYLIC SATIN PMS11c Pantone Warm Grey Custom ENAMEL SATIN PMS122 PANTONE YELLOW PMS1225 PANTONE YELLOW PMS1225 YELLOW PMS123 Golden Yellow PMS1265 PANTONE® Yellow PMS130 Gloss Yellow Acrylic / Enamel PMS130 SATIN Yellow Acrylic / Ename PMS1375C Pantone® Orange PMS138 Butterscotch Gloss Pantone PMS138 Dark Blue Gloss pantone PMS139 Pantone Yellow PMS143C Pantone Yellow PMS1495 PMS Pantone Golden Yellow 2K PMS151C Orange Pantone PMS1525 Pantone Orange Gloss Enamel PMS1575C Pantone® Orange PMS158C PMS159 Terracotta PMS160 Pantone® Orange PMS161 Pantone® Orange PMS162 Pantone® Orange Gloss PMS163 Pantone® Orange Gloss PMS165 2X Pantone Orange PMS1655 Orange PMS171 Pantone® Orange PMS174 Oxide Red Pantone Gloss PMS1787C Pantone Red PMS1788 PANTONE SAINT RED PMS1788 SAINT RED Acrylic PMS1788 SAINT RED Acrylic Pantone PMS1788 SAINT RED Acrylic Satin PMS185 Pantone MATT RED 2K PMS185 Pantone Red PMS185 Pantone Red 2K DIRECT GLOSS PMS185 Pantone Red Gloss Enamel PMS185 Pantone Red MATT Enamel PMS185 Pantone Red SATIN PMS185 Pantone Red SATIN 2K PMS185 PMS RED PMS186 Red Pantone PMS187 Pantone Gloss Red PMS1925 Pantone Red (Pinky) SATIN PMS1945 Pantone Red PMS198 Pantone® PINK PMS198 Pantone® Rose PMS1C Cool Grey Satin PMS2010 Orange Gloss Enamel PMS2010 Orange Pantone 2K PMS2014 Pantone YELLOW PMS2022C PMS2029 MATT PINK PMS2029 Pink Pantone PMS2038 PINK PMS2049c Ruby Pink MATT Ename PMS2049c Ruby Pink MATT Enamel PMS2049c Ruby Pink SATIN Enamel Pantone PMS204c Pink Gloss PMS204c Pink Matt PMS2062 Safety Purple Pantone PMS2063 Purple Pantone PMS207 Pantone® Red PMS212 Pink Pantone PMS2128 Pale Blue Pantone PMS2140 Pantone® Blue PMS2146 Pantone Dark Blue MATT Enamel PMS2154 Pantone Blue PMS2168C Blue Pantone PMS2188 Blue Pantone PMS219 Pantone Custom Pink Red PMS2202 Aqua Blue 2K Direct Gloss Pantone PMS2213 Green Blue PMS2297 Lime Green PMS2303 Green Pantone PMS2303 Pantone Green Custom SATIN PMS233 Pink Pantone PMS2347 Warm Red PMS2347 WARM RED 2K PMS236 METT PINK PANTONE PMS2384 PMS Pantone Purple 2K PMS2384 PMS Pantone Purple Blue MATT Enamel PMS2384 PMS Pantone Purple Blue Satin Enamel PMS2411 PMS2607 Black Berry Purple PMS2613 Pantone Violet Gloss ACRYLIC PMS2627 PURPLE PMS264c Pantone® Violet PMS266 Purple Pantone G PMS267 MATT BLUE PANTONE PMS267 PANTONE BLUE PMS267 PURPLE Pantone PMS2708 Light Blue Pantone PMS2765 Pantone Dark Purple Blue PMS278 PANTONE BLUE PMS285C Pantone Blue Gloss Enamel PMS285C Pantone Blue SATIN Enamel PMS286 Blue Enamel MATT PMS286 Blue Pantone Gloss Enamel PMS288C Blue Pantone PMS289 Pantone NAVY BLUE Gloss ACRYLIC PMS289 Pantone NAVY BLUE MATT Enamel PMS289 Pantone NAVY BLUE SATIN Enamel PMS290 Pale Blue Green Gloss Enamel PMS290 Pale Blue MATT Enamel PMS290 Pale Blue SATIN Enamel PMS2915 Blue Pantone PMS293 Pantone Blue PMS293 Pantone Matt Blue PMS295 Bl ue Gloss PMS295 Blue MATT Pantone PMS296C Blue Matt Ename PMS299 Pantone Blue PMS29c Blue pantone PMS303 Dark Blue Gloss Enamel PMS303 Dark Blue Matt Enamel PMS303 Dark Blue SATIN Enamel Pantone PMS3035U Dark Blue GLOSS Enamel PMS3035U Dark Blue MATT Enamel Pantone PMS3035U Dark Blue SATIN Enamel Pantone PMS305 Pantone® Soft Blue PMS306 Blue MATT Pantone PMS306 Blue Satin Pantone PMS3125 Pantone Blue PMS3135C TEAL PANTONE PMS3145 TEAL PMS321 AQUA Gloss Enamel Pantone PMS321 AQUA MATT Enamel Pantone PMS321 AQUA SATIN Enamel Pantone PMS3265 AQUA Gloss Enamel PMS3265 AQUA SATIN Acrylic PMS3272 Tea l GLOSS PMS3272 Teal SATIN PMS3292C Green Pantone PMS3298 Pantone® Green PMS332 Pantone Green PMS332 Pantone Green Custom 2K DIRECT GLOSS PMS332 Pantone Green Custom Matt PMS332 Pantone Green GLOSS Enamel PMS3385 Pantone Green SATIN PMS3405C Pantone® Green PMS3415C Pantone Green PMS3425 Green GLOSS PMS343 Pantone Green Acrylic Gloss PMS343 Pantone Green Acrylic MATT PMS343 Pantone Green Acrylic SATIN PMS343 Pantone Green Gloss Enamel PMS343 Pantone Green MATT Enamel PMS350C Green Pantone pms355 green pantone PMS355 Green PMS Colour PMS355 Italian Flag Green PMS PMS360 Pantone Green Gloss PMS361 Pantone Bright Green PMS366 Grass Green PMS368 Pantone GREEN PMS372 Green GLOSS PMS372 Green MATT PMS372 Green SATIN PMS373 Pantone Green MATT PMS373 Pantone Green Satin PMS373C Pantone® Pale Green PMS375 Pantone Bright Green Gloss PMS378 Pantone Olive Green PMS3C Pantone Cool Grey PMS402 Pantone Warm Grey Gloss Enamel PMS4023 Pantone Cream PMS4027 Pantone Tan PMS403C Beige PMS4225 Pantone Grey PMS4225 Pantone Grey SATIN PMS428 Light Grey Gloss enamel Pantone PMS428 Light Grey MATT enamel Pantone PMS428 Light Grey SATIN enamel Pantone PMS4287 Dark Grey SATIN enamel Pantone PMS432C Dark Grey Pantone PMS432C Dark Grey PMS PMS433 Gloss Grey PMS433C PMS433U PMS444 Grey Pantone PMS445 Dark Grey Pantone 2K Direct Gloss PMS445 Dark Grey Pantone MATT Enamel PMS445 Dark Grey Pantone SATIN Enamel PMS467 Pantone Beige PMS485 COLES RED PMS485C Red PMS Pantone PMS490 Burgundy Red PMS521C Purple Pantone PMS5265 Blue Pantone Gloss PMS5265 Blue Pantone MATT PMS5265 Blue Pantone SATIN PMS527 Purple Pantone PMS534 Pantone® Blue PMS539 Pantone Blue PMS539 PMS Blue PMS540 Pantone Gloss Hanson Blue PMS542 2K Sky Blue PMS5425 Blue Pantone Custom Gloss Enamel PMS5445 Pantone Hazy Blue PMS5445 Pantone Soft Blue PMS553 Green Pantone PMS5555 Pantone® Dull Turquoise PMS557 Pantone Green PMS559 Green SATIN PMS559C Green MATT PMS559C Green SATIN PMS566 Pale Green Pantone PMS567 Green Pantone PMS568C PANTONE GREEN PMS568N PANTONE GREEN PMS570 AQUA PMS5747C Pantone Green Gloss Ename PMS5747C Pantone Green MATT Enamel PMS5747C Pantone Green SATIN Enamel PMS5757 Green Pantone PMS PMS576 Green Pantone Gloss Enamel PMS576 Green Pantone MATT Enamel Custom Spray Paint 300 Grams PMS576 Green Pantone SATIN Enamel Custom Spray Paint 300 Grams PMS600 Pantone Pale Yellow Gloss PMS600 Pantone Pale Yellow Matt PMS600 Pantone Pale Yellow Satin Enamel Spray Paint 300 Grams PMS601 Pale Yellow Pantone PMS630 Pantone BLUE Custom Gloss Enamel PMS637 Pantone Blue PMS654 PMS654 Blue PMS654 Blue Gloss Enamel Pantone PMS698 Pantone Pink PMS699 Pantone Pink PMS699C PMS699C PANTONE PINK PMS700 Pantone Custom Pink Enamel MATT PMS700 Pantone Custom Pink Enamel Satin Spray Paint PMS708 PICK PMS708C PINK PMS721 Pantone Tan Gloss 2K Direct Gloss PMS721 Pantone Tan Orange SATIN PMS729 Golden BROWN PMS7415 Pantone Red PMS7416 Pantone Custom Orange Enamel GLOSS PMS7416 Pantone Custom Orange Enamel MATT PMS7417 Orange Pantone 2K PMS7420C Pantone Pinky Red PMS7468C Blue Pantone Paint PMS7470 Pantone MATT Blue PMS7470 Pantone SATIN Blue PMS7497 Pantone Custom Green PMS7497 Pantone Green PMS7503 Yellow PMS PMS7506 BEIGE ACRYLIC PMS7506 BEIGE Gloss Enamel PMS7506 BEIGE SATIN Enamel PMS7506 FAWN ACRYLIC PMS7509 Gold Brown PMS7540 Grey PMS7541 Pantone Soft Blue White PMS7548 PANTONE YELLOW PMS7562 Pantone YELLOW GLOSS Enamel PMS7562 Pantone YELLOW MATT PMS7562 Pantone YELLOW Satin PMS7578 PANTONE® ACE Orange Gloss PMS7586 Kupferbraun PMS7586 Kupferbraun TB320 SATIN Enamel PMS7621 Pantone Red PMS7622 Pantone Red PMS7638 Pantone RED ACRYLIC PMS7638 Pantone RED ENAMEL PMS7692 Blue Acrylic PMS7692 Blue Pantone® Enamel PMS7693 BLUE PMS7694C Pantone Dark Blue PMS7711C PANTONE AQUA BLUE PMS8C COOL GRAY PMS9064 Pale Yellow Pantone PMS9C COOL GRAY PANTONE Process Blue Process Magenta Process Yellow RAL4010 Telemagenta Pink RGB HAZY BLUE s1008 mushroom pink Sem Colouur Horizons SEM Vinyl paint sem-paint valspar variety-paints variety-paints-n-more Velour Paint Vinyl Dye Vinyl Paint WILSONS PMS287 MATT ACRYLIC

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