Auto Glym MAGMA Colour Transforming Cleaner 500ml

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Attack environmental contaminates with Magma - our colour-transforming cleaner that turns red when it reacts with iron particles, resulting in a satisfying deep clean that’s easy to rinse.


Eliminate paintwork that feels rough to the touch and abolish spots that look like tiny rust specks. It’s time you put your car through a deep clean with Magma for a silky-smooth finish. Safe to use on all external surfaces, quick at seeking out the smallest iron particles and easy to rinse off, you’re one wash away from enjoying spotless bodywork and wheels.


Safe to use on wheels, glass, paint and trim, this colour-changing formula has impressive iron-shifting abilities that don’t cause unnecessary corrosion or damage to the paintwork. It just leaves your car feeling shimmeringly smooth.


Spray on, wait five minutes, rinse off with high pressure - Magma rapidly removes tiny particles of iron that appear as specks on exterior paintwork or brake dust on wheels. For a spotless finish, dry with a dampened InstaDry.


Watch in awe as our Magma comes into contact with iron and turns a bright red. Designed to help loosen iron from the surface of your car (and make rinsing easy), we can finally say ‘seeing red’ is a good thing.

  1. Before you start check the bodywork and wheels are cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.
  2. Shampoo the vehicle first and remove excess water. 
  3. Spray Magma liberally across the bodywork, glass and wheels.
  4. Wait 3-5 minutes while the Magma reacts to any iron particles on the surface and turns red as it starts to dislodge them.
  5. Agitate bodywork with a soft damp sponge or wash mitt and agitate wheels with a brush or sponge before thoroughly rinsing off with water.   

Note: Magma reacts to iron particles. To remove other types of contamination such as tree sap or tar, use the Autoglym Clay Detailing Complete Kit. 


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