Auto Glym Rapid Detailer 500ml

Autobody Supplies


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Quickly remove dust and fingerprints while boosting protection to waxed finishes with our Rapid Detailer – a product we’ve well and truly polished.


The secrets out; if you see Autoglym at a car show, we’ll be using Rapid Detailer on our cars. It’s our go-to for an unbeatable polished finish. Cutting through grease, and removing dust from show ‘traffic’, your vehicle will hold its shine until the very last visitor goes home.

  1. For detailing:

    1. Shake well and spray sparingly onto cool surfaces.
    2. Spread over paintwork using a Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth, turning it regularly, and continue buffing to a shine.
    3. Enjoy the fruity fragrance.

    As a clay lubricant:

    Follow the instructions given with the Surface Detailing Clay Bar. Ensure continuous lubrication by keeping the surface wet with Rapid Detailer.


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