Valspar Refinish Automotive & Industrial Paints

Variety Paints 'N' More stocks the range of Valspar® Refinish is a market leader for premium-quality, low-cost automotive-refinish paints and coatings. Our goal is for every customer you serve to be more-than-impressed with every paint job, every vehicle, every time—and for your shop to be consistently profitable. The Valspar Refinish Universal Intermix system is the industry leader in tinting technology. From one set of universal tints, powders pearls and technology specific binders, you can mix basecoat, polyurethane single stage, acrylic urethane enamel, alkyd enamels, vinyl and specialty sign coatings.

View all 021C Pantone Orange 18S3410 Aqua Blue Green 2 Pack Factory Black 2K HARDENER 2K Measuring Stick 2K SATIN BLACK 70% 2K Thinners 3 Gloss Jet Black 303 Clearcoat 510 Binder 564 Bold Red British Standards 5LHR Grabber Lime 609R Atomic Mica 62U RED HOT HOLDEN 679F / J073 Heron White 746S POISON IVY 746S POISON IVY holden 888 Basecoat Binder 888 Binder 94H Red Mica Subaru 94H Sedona Red Mica 94H Sedona Red Pearl Metallic 970L Cosmo Mica 970L Cosmo Mica Purple Acrylic Clear Touch Up Bottle 50ml Acrylic Clearcoat Touch Up Acrylic Primer Activator Adhesion Promoter Anti Graffiti Clearcoat Astro Colorbond 2 litres AU540 Activator Australian Standards Paint Basecaot Binder Basecoat Basecoat Binder Valspar Basecoat White Binder Black Candy Gold Pearl Black etch Primer 50ml British Standard Colour BRITISH STANDARDS Bumper Texture Black CAT BLACK CMP Series Colours Code K Ford Monza Red CT101 Valsar White CT113 JET BLACK CT113 JET GLOSS BLACK CT135 Blue Custom Spray Paint Enamel Pantone Colours Enamel Plastic Primer Enamel Tinter Epoxy Primer Eu de Nil 216 F134 RED HOT HOLDEN F134 STING RED F9 Grabber Lime FORD F9-7435 Grabber Lime FORD Fast Hardener 4:1 Fast Hardener HPC2 Ford Honey Gold Metallic Gerson Tack Rag Gloss Black Gloss Black 2K TB510 Hardener Hardener 2K Hi Opacity White Holden Atomic Mica Homeall Fibreglass White HS Surface Primer HS35 Primer 2K Hyster Forklift Yellow Intermix Toner K&G Red K73 SATIN BLACK ACRYLIC K7Z Anthracite Metallic Bentley LGT Blue Matt LHR Grabber Lime FORD LHRAWHA Grabber Lime Liquid Pearl Liquid Pearls M7435 Grabber Lime FORD Matt Acrylic Clear Matt Acrylic Clearcoat 1 Litre MATT Black Matt Black acrylic Matt Clear Acrylic Matting agent VIM MIXING STICK METAL MIXING STICKS MIXING STOCK METAL VALSPAR Monza Red Ford New Cat Black NEW CATERPILLAR BLACK Nissan Forklift Cream Nissan Ivory Opacity White Gloss Acrylic Paint Measuring Stick Paint Mixes Paint Thinners Panel & Paint Supplies Pantone Colours Pantone Red Pentium Blue 2 Plastic Primer PMS Colour PMS375 Lime Green PN4HH Grabber Lime FORD Pumpkin Colour Quickdry Enamel Radical Effects RAL Colours RAL9021 BLACK RAL9021 OTAN BLACK RAL9021 OTAN BLACK MATT 2K RAL9021 Tar Black RAL9021 tar black matt RAL9021 TEERSCHWARZ RAL9021 Teerschwarz MATT Reducer Reducers S1223 Vermeer Yellow S5213 White S99 Metallic Silver S99 Valspar Metallic Bright Coarse Tinter SATIN BLACK 2K AEROSOL Satin Red Acrylic Paint Speed Clear Spray Paint Aust Stds Spray Paint RAL Codes Sting Holden Colour 62U Tac Cloth Tack Cloth TB520 Paint Mix TB540 Paint Mixes Texture Coating TRIDENT GOLDEN YELLOW TRIDENT MEDIUM BLUE MATT TRIDENT RED MATT TRIDSTBL Trident Storm Blue SATIN 2K Ultra Marine Blue Valspar Valspar Acrylic 1K Hibulid Primer AP33 Valspar Activator Valspar Activator 4:1 Valspar AD300 Matting Agent Valspar Colour Map Colours Valspar Hardener Valspar HS Clear Valspar HS35 pRIMER gREY Valspar Liquid Pearls Valspar Matting Agent Valspar Mixing Stick 2K Valspar MS Clear Valspar MS Clear 2K Valspar Radical Pearls Valspar Reader Valspar Surface Cleaner 1 Gallon Valspar Surface primer Valspar TB510 Paint Mixes Valspar Tinter White Etch Primer

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