Spray Max Aerosol Range

Spray Max Aerosol Range

The SprayMax spray paint can technology unifies several patented innovations and represents the state-of-the-art of what’s currently feasible in spray paint technology. With this revolutionary technology, you can achieve excellent painting results, which was only possible with a spray gun up to now.

The technology attributes

  • A combination of propellant formula and an advanced spray head and valve technology generate a wide jet spray just like a spraygun but with significantly less overspray

SprayMax spray pattern (little overspray)
Spray paint but pattern (much overspray)
  • A continuous atomising pressure (until the can is completely empty) ensures distinctly higher application amounts than with a conventional spray can


  • Precision atomisation of the paint particles ensure uniform distribution of the coat application thickness and a fast work pace



  • The rotating wide-slot spray nozzle facilitates flexibly aligning the spray pattern, vertically as well as horizontally




On top of that, the SprayMax technology makes it possible to atomise two-component paint (paint and hardener) in the form of an aerosol.

Definition of SprayMax 2-component technology:

  • SprayMax 2-component technology means 2-components, paint and hardener, in one spray paint can
  • The hardener is integrated in a separate container in the spray paint can
  • The hardener is activated or released with a push of a button and mixes with the paint material
  • The SprayMax 2K technology guarantees the highest product and work quality

The requirement profile

With the spray paint cans available on the market up to now, it was possible to paint finishes uniformly, but that was not enough for the paint user. What the professional worker needed was the technological development of the spray paint can in a mobile, professional spray paint system in which the same painting results could be attained as with a pneumatic spray gun. And that not only for one-component, but also for two-component paints to be able to satisfy the increased requirements placed on professional paint repair jobs.

The development of SprayMax

Kwasny, with the development of SprayMax, more than satisfied that requirement profile. SprayMax is a genuine technological innovation in the paint aerosol segment. The mobility and flexibility of a spray paint can is unified with the application attributes of a pneumatic spray gun in one single instrument. These properties lead to significant handling and cost benefits with SprayMax during the work process when compared with conventional spray guns. Meanwhile, SprayMax has matured into a painting system - the SprayMax PaintRepair System. With the development of the SprayMax technology, the Peter Kwasny corporate group has leaped into becoming the technology leader in this area.

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