Custom Aerosol Paints Mixes

Custom Paint Mixing from Variety Paints 'N' More

This is when we mix paint from a colour code or colour name.
This is the quickest and easiest way to get the colour you are after.

The colour code is located on your car on a plate, most of the time it will say (paint) then a 2 or 4 digit number/letter.
For help getting your paint code you can call a dealership and quote the VIN number of the vehicle.

We can mix paint from Compressing it into an Aerosol can or 250ml to 20L quantities.

A compliance plate is typically found fixed to a vehicle’s engine bay, door pillar or footwell , This is where you will find your Paint code , Model of Vehicle , year of vehicle and trim Code. 

Bring this code in to Variety Paints 'N' More and we will be able to make the colour for your car.


Over 120,000 Formulas are available from Variety Paints 'N' More 

View all 0-001 Canary Yellow British Standard 011C Warm Grey Pantone 012C Pantone Yellow 021C Pantone Orange 13888 Zodiac Blue Holden 1777 Royal Plum Purple HOLDEN 18S0622 RC Red Gloss ACRYLIC 18S0803 RED Acrylic 18S1604 Yellow Colour Map 18S Series 18S1607 YELLOW BASECOAT 18S1618RC YELLOW 18S2335 VOL Dark Poson Green Mercede 18S3303 Pastel Blue Green 18s3704 Mid Blue BASECOAT 18S5022 Dark Grey Gloss 18S5312 AGR OCEAN GREEN 18S5527 RC GREY Satin 18S5836 Satin Grey Green 18S6418 MATT WHITE Acrylic 18S6623 GLOSS WHITE 18S6706 SATIN WHITE 18S6715 White 216 Eau-De-Nil British Standard MATT 2B024 Zodiac Blue 2K Gloss Black 2K PMS 3292C Pantone Green 355 lemon British standards 485C Pantone Red 568 Pantone Green 676 Light Weatherwork Grey Satin 7.5GY7/4 Munsell Green 7011 IRON GREY RAL 708C Pantone Pink Apple Green Hammerfinish Australian Standards Paint B15 MID BLUE British Standard Colour BRITISH STANDARDS Bronze Olive Bronze Olive Powdercoat Candy Colours Candy Pearls Candy Pigment Powder Car Rep Rubber Comp Champagne Gold Chev 47 Burgundy Acrylic Colorbond Touch Up Paint Colour Cards Colour Horizons Cool Grey 9C Coromal Dark Grey Coromal Silver Satin Crisp White CT113 SATIN BLACK ENAMEL Cummins Red PMS485C CUstom Black GN248A Custom Hammerfinish Green Custom Hammerfinish Grey Beige Dalek Grey Fire Engine Red FRENCH NAVY LAMINEX G32 AUSTRALIAN STANDARD OPALINE G32 OPALINE G52 Eucalyptus Australian Standard Ghost Gum gloss black Gloss White Basecoat 18S6704 Gold Wheels High Gloss Clear Removable Paint HSV Wheel Gold Ice Cream Ice Cream Kaboodle Ironman Green Kandy Colours Laminex Colours Laminex Ghost Gum Laminex Silky White 200 Leather Paint Liebherr White Matt Grey N42 Storm Grey Gloss N42 STORM GREY MATT Finish N42 Storm Grey Satin Old Bronze Olive Powdercoat Colour P RED P14 Blueberry Paint with Pearl Panel & Paint Supplies Pantone 012C Pantone 151c Pantone 159c Terracotta PANTONE 553 GREEN Pantone 654c Pantone Colours Pantone Cool Grey 6C Pantone Cool Grey 7c Pantone cool grey 8c Pantone Cool Grey 9C Pantone PMS7503 Pantone Yellow Peppa Pig Pink Plasti Dip Plastic Paint PMS 011C Warm Grey PMS Colour PMS Yellow C PMS012C PMS Yellow PMS130 Gloss Yellow Acrylic / Enamel PMS130 SATIN Yellow Acrylic / Ename PMS139 Pantone Yellow PMS151C Orange Pantone PMS159 Terracotta PMS1655 Orange PMS185 Pantone Red PMS185 PMS RED PMS2029 MATT PINK PMS2029 Pink Pantone PMS2038 PINK PMS204c Pink Gloss PMS204c Pink Matt PMS2168C Blue Pantone PMS2213 Green Blue PMS2297 Lime Green PMS2303 Green Pantone PMS2303 Pantone Green Custom SATIN PMS2627 PURPLE PMS287 SATIN BLUE ACRYLIC PMS288C Blue Pantone PMS290 Pale Blue Green Gloss Enamel PMS290 Pale Blue MATT Enamel PMS290 Pale Blue SATIN Enamel PMS295 Bl ue Gloss PMS295 Blue MATT Pantone PMS295 Blue SATIN PMS29c Blue pantone PMS3292C Green Pantone PMS3415C Pantone Green PMS3425 Green GLOSS PMS350C Green Pantone PMS366 Grass Green PMS376 Capecare Green PMS389 Green Pantone Touch Up PMS403C Beige PMS432C Dark Grey Pantone PMS432C Dark Grey PMS PMS433 Gloss Grey PMS433C PMS433U PMS485C Red PMS Pantone PMS490 Burgundy Red PMS521C Purple Pantone PMS542 2K Sky Blue PMS553 Green Pantone PMS559 Green SATIN PMS559C Green MATT PMS559C Green SATIN PMS566 Pale Green Pantone PMS568C PANTONE GREEN PMS568N PANTONE GREEN PMS570 AQUA PMS5757 Green Pantone PMS PMS654 PMS654 Blue PMS654 Blue Gloss Enamel Pantone PMS698 Pantone Pink PMS708 PICK PMS708C PINK PMS729 Golden BROWN PMS7503 Yellow PMS PMS7509 Gold Brown PMS7540 Grey PMS7693 BLUE Polyrey Gris Sendre Polytec Strata Grey MATT Powdercoat Colours Powdercoat Touch Ups R64 Indian Red Paint RAL 1028 Melon Yellow RAL 5008 Grey Blue RAL 6019 Pastel Green RAL 7024 Graphite Grey MATT RAL 7047 Telegrey 4 RAL 7047 Telegrey 4 MATT RAL Colours RAL1028 Melon Yellow RAL2009 Traffic Orange RAL5017 Traffic Blue 2K RAL6010 Grass Green RAL6018 Yellow Green RAL6019 Pastel Green Enamel RAL7011 IRON GREY RAL7016 Anthracite Grey Enamel Gloss RAL7021 Black Grey RAL RAL7024 Graphite Grey Gloss Enamel RAL7024 Graphite Grey SATIN Enamel RAL7035 MATT Light Grey Ename RAL7046 RAL7046 TELEGREY 2 MATT RAL7047 Telegrey 4 RAL9005 2 Pack Aerosol RAL9005 2K RAL9005 BLACK RAL9010JW Johnson Outboard White RAL9011 Graphite Black Gloss RAL9011 Matt Graphite Black RAL9011 SATIN Graphite Black RAL9021 OTAN BLACK RAL9021 TAR BLACK RAL9021 TEER SCHWARZ RAL9021 TEERSCHWARZ RAL9022 Pearl Grey RAL9023 Metallic Grey Record Cards Removable Coating ROSE PINK Roundel Blue 110 Rubber Coating Rubber Comp S2313 CAPECARE GREEN S4141 Violet Enamel Gloss SAFETY COLOURS Sander Sanding Block Kit Sem Colouur Horizons Sem Flakes Sem Paint Spray Out Cards Spray Paint Aust Stds Spray Paint Laminex Spray Paint RAL Codes Super Jet Black T33 SMOKE BLUE Traffic Orange Valspar Colour Map Colours Variety Paints Custom Paints Velour Paint Vinyl Dye Vinyl Paint WATERCORD BLUE x14 mandarin X41 BUFF X42 Biscuit Australian Std X43 BEIGE Australian Standard X53 Golden Tan XA Shock Absorber Paint Y44 Sand Australian Standard

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