Y14 Golden Safety Yellow Australian Standard ST100-680 DTM 2K 10 Litres

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    Variety Paints 'N' More has a state-of-the-art tinting system enabling us to accurately tint any AS2700 Australian Standards Colour , we use NASON Quality Tinters for our Custom Mixing we can compress into an Aerosol can or make into a 250ml  ,500ml ,1 litre , 2 Litre,4 Litre or 20 Litre Can. 


The Australian Standard AS2700 “Colour Standards for General Purposes” presents reference colours for use in choosing colour schemes in the industrial, architectural and decorative areas with particular emphasis on paints and related materials.

AS2700 has been in use in Australia since 1985, and is extensively referred to in many other Australian Standards .

Australian Standards colours are used through out many Industries in Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Standards Colours are used  for the marking of physical hazards and the identification of certain equipment in man Industries.

NI-680 is a 2 pack glossy, high film build and isocyanate cured polyurethane topcoat, designed for application as direct-to-metal (DTM). This product is based on Axalta owned technology resulting with a highly durable coating, which delivers outstanding weathering and good anti-corrosion properties. Nason® Industrial NI-680 is a mix system using custom colour Mix binder ST100-680 and concentrated Nason® Industrial tints that enables matching industrial and standard colours.

Gloss 80 85 GU @ 60 Note: To adjust gloss level, addition of ST600-002 Nason® Industrial Matting Agent is recommended. We are currently working on a useful reference Table 1, below work in progress.

Product Features Product Benefits Excellent mechanical properties Long lasting film integrity & durability Excellent weathering durability High quality high gloss finish Good anticorrosion properties Extended service life Good appearance Use for manufacturing & material handling Tintable Fast turnaround time & high productivity

Product Uses / Applications Direct-To-Metal on hot rolled carbon steel, weathered and properly treated galvanized, aluminium with outstanding weathering and good anti-corrosion properties. Commercial transport & components; Mobile mining, earth moving, construction and agricultural equipment & attachments; Fabricated structural steel, handrails; Material handling equipment; Industrial plant equipment and machinery (including chemical plants); Pipeline and tank exteriors.

Not Recommended for As a one coat system in severely corrosive environments. Immersion service. Application over alkyd primers and TPA coatings
We use Nason Quality Tinters for our Custom Mixing

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