X53 Golden Tan 1 Litre Nason Gloss Enamel

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Nason Enamel is a high gloss air drying spraying enamel based on a blend of alkyd resins. It exhibits excellent durability, corrosion resistance and gloss retention properties.

Nason Enamel Quick Drying Spray Enamel but with superior gloss and durability. Increased film hardness, chemical resistance and durability can be obtained with the addition of Enamel Hardener. By the addition of Universal Flatting Base lower gloss finishes can be achieved.

Uses HiChem QD 601 Super Enamel is suitable for interior and exterior surfaces on both structural maintenance and new building construction projects on a variety of metal surfaces as well as timber after the application of a suitable primer and/or undercoat. Features  Fast drying  Excellent exterior durability 

Good petrol resistance  Excellent gloss and gloss retention 

Excellent application properties Surface Preparation Mild steel: Remove rust, old and scaling paintwork and thoroughly clean with  Prepwash wax and grease remover. Prime surfaces with structural Primer . Non-ferrous substrates:

Substrates such as aluminium, zinc-alum and galvanised steel should first be abraded using a Medium / Coarse (Maroon) Abrasive Hand Pad. Clean with Prepwash wax and grease remover.

Remove loose and flaking paint. Remove all the gloss from previously painted areas by sanding with 280-360 grit abrasive paper. Apply the appropriate primer. Thinning May be thinned by between 15-20% with Enamel Thinner E250. In hot weather, greater than 20 Deg C, or when spraying larger areas, use Mineral Turps.

When using Enamel Hardener the amount of thinners added may need to be reduced.

Enamel Hardener is used at a ratio of 16 parts by volume QD 601 Super Enamel to 1 part Enamel Hardener (which is 250 mls per 4 litre or approx. 60 mls per litre).

Use of Universal Flatting Base (see Product Information Sheet) may require a reduction in the amount of thinners added.

Application Finish with 2 medium coats of Nason Enamel allowing 15-20 minutes flash off time between coats. Spray using following settings.

Spray Gun setup Fluid tip Air Pressure Suction 1.8 310-420 kPa (45-60 psi) gravity feed 1.5 310-420 kPa (45-60 psi) Application viscosity : 15-17 seconds by Ford No. 4 Cup at 20oC.

Recoat time At 250C allow 2 hours before recoating.

 Drying time At 200C and film build 40 microns. Dust free 20-30 minutes, Touch Dry 2-3 hrs, Hard Dry 16-24 hrs. Coverage Approx. 15 m2 per litre at 25 microns dry film thickness.

Volume Solids 34%.

Clean up Use Enamel Thinner E250 or MinermmStorage Store in a cool dry place. Always replace the lid securely after use. Safety See material safety data sheet. Standard Packages and Product Codes All colours and tinters available in 20 and 4 litre sizes. 

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