Wipe Out Scratch Eliminator 16oz Surf City Garage

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  Surface scratches on your ride make time spent on your detail job feel worthless. Until now. Wipe Out can really erase scratches in your clear coat, not just hide them like other products. It’s safe and works great on every color. Not for deep scratches that go through the clear coat. Erase scratches, swirl marks and oxidation from the surface of your clear coat. You don’t need a buffer, just your hand, Wipe Out and an applicator pad. This makes it easy to get rid of scratches as soon as they occur. Don’t just cover the surface scratches on your ride, get rid of them with Wipe Out Scratch Eliminator.

For hand use only. Do not use buffer. Use only for surface scratches. If scratch is deep or severe, it may require wet sanding and buffing.
(1) Shake well.
(2) Apply small amount on surface over scratch.
(3) Polish with microfiber towel, using a circular motion. Use the “two finger” method (two fingers forming a point in the towel). Add more product to surface if towel starts to dry out. DO NOT RUB DRY.
(4) Buff off by hand.
(5) If scratch is not completely removed, repeat process.



What Makes Surf City Garage® Enthusiast Grade® Detailing Products Different?

Wipe Out™ Scratch Eliminator

  • Doesn’t just hide surface scratches, it actually eliminates them.
  • Enthusiast Grade polish contains no fillers.
  • Specifically designed for safety. Will not damage painted surfaces. 

Most Other Brands

  • Temporarily hide scratches, only to have them reappear after a wash.
  • Contain fillers that temporarily hide the scratch.
  • Rubbing compounds and harsh abrasive formulas easily damage paint.
  • Surf City Garage's Detailing Tip:

    Wipe Out is designed exclusively for localized surface scratches. For large scratches that don’t go through the clear coat and swirl marks, use Beyond Clay with an orbital or circular buffer.

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