Wagon Hammercoat Charcoal 300 Gram Aerosol 00756

Wagon Paints


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  • Notes - When the Hammer Finish Paint is put in a spray can the hammer finish is not as good as it is when it is sprayed through a spray gun or Brushed on , This paint is put into our Car-Rep Aerosol Cans instore .

    Fast air-dry coating providing a “hammer” finish effect on metal surfaces and steel fabrications such as trailers, machinery and pumps. Comes in a range of colours in gloss. At 25ºC touch dry in 10-15 minutes, hard dry in 2 hours and recoating within 45 minutes to 6 hours, or after 72 hours.

    Recommended Wagonpaint primers include Zinc Phosphate Primer or Rhinogrip Etch Primer. May also be applied directly to bare steel. 

    Waterproof/Weather Resistance
    Hard Wearing & Durable


    • Fast drying
    • “Lacquer” qualities in an economical alkyd formula
    • Range of stock colours
    • Appealing metallic finish
    • Good weather & abrasion resistance
    • Resists splashes of hydrocarbon solvents

    Typical Applications

    • Steel fabrications
    • Trailers
    • Machinery
    • Pumps

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