Wagon GREY Oxide Structural Primer 50ml Touch Up Bottle

Wagon Paints


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PRIMERWAGON Alkyd anticorrosive primers containing zinc phosphate for steel fabrications. Comes in grey, red oxide, black and blue colours in low satin. At 25ºC, touch dry in 10-15 minutes, hard dry in 24 hours and recoating with enamel finishes after 2 hours. Can be baked for 15-20 minutes at 120ºC. Suitable Wagonpaint topcoats , Industrial Enamels l, Implement Enamel and Auto Enamel. Available in 1L, 4L, 20L and 200L pack sizes.

Heat Resistance
Corrosion Resistance


  • Fast drying
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Short to medium term exterior protection without topcoating
  • Dry heat resistance up to 120ºC
  • Resists splashes of hydrocarbon solvents

Typical Applications

  • Structural steel
  • Metal fabrications
  • Trailers


Wagon Steel Grey Primer is A premium quality zinc phosphate short oil alkyd based primer. Cost efficient, fast drying, anti corrosive coating. Uses For use on general industrial, engineering products, structural projects and farming environments.
Properties  Fast drying  Excellent anti corrosive properties based on zinc phosphate.  Good adhesion  Excellent weathering after top coating  May be used as sole coating for interior use  Good short term exterior protection (up to 6 months) without top coating.
Surface preparation Abrasive blast clean to AS1627.4 Class 2 minimum. OR: Remove all scale, rust, old and flaking paint etc using a wire brush or mechanical means. All surfaces must be thoroughly degreased with  Prepwash. All surfaces must be dried and primed as soon as possible after cleaning. When applying to non-ferrous surfaces such as galvanised iron, zinc/alum or aluminium apply a thin coat of  Etch Primer.
Application By spray only - conventional or airless. Apply 2-3 medium coats to produce the required build. Minimum dry film build 25 micron is recommended. Thinning Conventional spray gun: May be thinned up to 50% with HiChem Enamel Thinner E250. In hot conditions (say greater than 30C) use  Mineral Turps. Airless spray equipment: Thin up to 15% with  Enamel Thinner E250. In hot conditions (say greater than 30C) use  Mineral Turps.
Drying time Surface dry: 10-15 mins depending on temperature and build Touch dry: 40-50 mins depending on temperature and build Re-coat after 1 hour with conventional enamels such as  Quick Drying Spray Enamel. Coverage Approximately 21 square metres per litre theoretical when applied at dry film thickness of 25 micron (wet film approx. 50 microns).

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