VHT Plastic Engine Enamel ALUMNIUM 312 Grams SP824



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HT High Temperature Plastic Paint is formulated for high-heat applications on plastic and withstands temperatures up to 200 °F (93 °C). This product was developed to adhere directly to automotive grade plastics without the need for sanding or a plastic adhesion promoter. VHT High Temperature Plastic Paint is ideal for painting engine covers & components and can be used on interior and exterior plastics. It is resistant to oil and other automotive fluids and will not flake, chip or peel.

200°F (93°C) Intermittent

Dry Time
Dries to the touch in 30 minutes. Handle in 1 hour. Heat cycle curing is not required for this product.

Plastic Engine Covers and Shrouds including:
Engine cover
Fuse panel covers
Strut covers
Inner well covers
Fan shrouds
Air box
Air intake
Plastic intake manifold
Plastic valve covers
Radiator support covers

Matte and Gloss
Coating System No primer or clear coat needed. One product does it all.

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