Velocity Violet / FX03 Metalume Medium Ready to Spray 4 Litres SHIMRIN2 House of Kolor

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Velocity Violet / FX03 Metalume Medium SHIMRIN2 House of Kolor 3.78 Litres

Ready to Spray Formula (Already Thinned) 

S2-13 2006.93
S2-FX03 715.81
RU300 1549.77

House of Kolor's S2-00 Trans Nebulae is the beginning of all Shimrin2® effects, making it the heart of the Shimrin2® product system. This diverse component of the S2 FX Karrier Base Series is used to create straight effects with no pigment, KBC Kandy Basecoats, tri-stage coats, and much more. Color styling is a breeze with S2 FX Karrier Bases S2-01 through S2-16. From classic favorites like Galaxy Gray, Solar Gold, and Planet Green to new trend setting colors like Eclipse Orange, Solar Flare Red, Lunar Yellow, and Mayan Magenta. These new FX Karrier Bases will have your jaws dropping with extreme clarity, Kandy-like micro grind of pigments, and full spectrum of color attributed to advanced manufacturing techniques, innovative chemistry, and robust polymer engineering.

Reducer: RU300 Series RU Reducers Temp Chart

Mix Ratio: 3:1:2


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