Variety Paints Car Rep Black Etch Primer 300 Gram Aerosol

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Variety Paints Car Rep Black Etch Primer 300 Gram Aerosol

Car-Rep® 1K etch/acid primer is a chromate free acid primer with excellent anti-corrosion properties. Active rust protection pigments ensure optimum corrosion protection. Also suitable as weld-through primer. Ideal on sandthroughs to bare metal. Suitable also for aluminum galvanized metal, sanded and thoroughly cleaned.

Excellent sanding properties. Quick drying time. New layer can be sprayed whenever needed. The primer has good adhesion and coverage properties and can be painted over with most car paints, including water-based paints.

Instructions for use: Ideal for spot and part painting. Before application, we recommend to wet-sand parts with wet-sandpaper 400-600 and to clean them with Car-Rep® prepaint cleaner. Paint several thin layers to build enough film thickness. Quick drying, new primer or topcoat layer can be applied after 10-15 minutes drying time. Do not overcoat with polyester or epoxy products.

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