Valspar Industrial Enamel Primer FP300 DTM 1 Litre

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 Product Description: IME.FP400/401 is a 2K Epoxy corrosion protection primer with excellent adhesion properties. IME.FP400/401 has excellent air and force dry capabilities.

Filler Primer Direct to Metal Epoxy Primer 

It is possible to add 5% color toner to IME.FP401 White to tint.

This product has to be recoated with a Topcoat. Substrates: All Iron, steel, cast iron, galvanized steel, aluminum. Industrial OEM and solvent resistant surfaces, sanded, cleaned original and old cured coatings.

Preparation: Dry Sanding: P80 – P180. Galvanized: Sweep Blasting recommended. (More Detailed information go-to Preparation and Pre-treatment on Icris/CRS or website Surface Preparation: Abrasive blast to EN ISO 12944, Part 4 (ISO Sa 2.5) with a uniform blast profile of 20 to 50µm. Material Description

Application Method Minimum DFT µm Maximum DFT µm Minimum WFT µm Maximum WFT µm FP400/FP401 Spray 30µm 100µm 50µm 140µm *Product can be brushed and rolled. Cleaning: Surface must be dry and free from any contamination, eg. oil, grease and release agents. Use IME.RS405 Epoxy Reducer, IME.RS605/607/609 Universal Reducer, IME.AD690 Solvent Degreaser or Valspar Wax and Grease Remover.

(More Detailed information go-to cleaning processes on Icris/CRS or website Topcoats: IME.TB400 - Epoxy Topcoat IME.TB500/510/511/512/520 PU Topcoat

3:1 Ratio 

Use 1 Part = Activator 

Use 10-35% Reducer Medium or Fast RS605 (200304) 5 litre 


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