UPOL Hand Jam Hand Cleaner 4 Litre Pump Pack



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U-POL’s Hand Jamm hand cleaner is a heavy duty, automotive-grade gel containing a unique blend of solvents, detergents and pumice. It is formulated especially to rapidly remove bodyfiller, paint and urethane, oil and grease.

HAND JAMM hand cleaner contains an iso-paraffin solvent which creates the magic to dissolve any ugly stuff. This is a highly refined solvent  doesn’t have the odour or toxicity of the kerosene-nasty often used in cheaper hand cleaners. And HAND JAMM has the sweet citrus fragrance of Jamaican oranges – it contains D Limonene, a solvent derived from peel to maximise cleaning power.

Combining these solvents and fragrance with especially-formulated detergents and skin-scrubbing organic pumice gives fast-and-furious removal of almost any dirt. Not only that, but Hand Jamm also contains both glycerine and lanolin to moisturise and protect.


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