UPol Fibral Lite Sandable Fibreglass Filler 1 Litre



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FIBRAL®: Sandable Glass Fibre Repair Past

Features & Benefits

Ideal for bridging holes, provides tough resistant GRP coating.
Smooth spreading and easy to apply.
Can be shaped and sanded once cured.

U-Pol Fibral Sandable Glass Fiber Paste

If you want hard, durable fiberglass putty for bridging holes in panels, whether made of steel or fiberglass, then the U-Pol Fibral Sandable Glass Fiber Paste may do the trick for you. This fibral is a short strand fiberglass putty that is easy to apply and quick to sand so that you get the desired results. This fiber paste is an indispensable material in the hands of a professional.

How is this glass fiber paste versatile in use? It is specially formulated as a two-component chemical solution that you can top coat with putty or run paint strokes directly on it. Use it for filling holes and removing rust from surfaces like steel. This smooth spreading repair paste gives a strong 2K polyester performance and will hide the imperfections really well.

What are the surfaces you can use this glass fiber putty on? There are a few on which you will find the product very useful to use, such as steel, fully cured paint surfaces and glass fiber.
First of all, prepare the surface you want to cure by degreasing and sanding it. Make sure you are wearing personal protective gear since the material can be hazardous. We recommend that you go through the safety data sheet which carries instructions on handling care and personal protection.

Mix the Fibral paste with 5% hardener at 70 degrees F and it becomes a non-shrinking mix that delivers quick results on the surface within minutes. If necessary, you can sand it after 20 minutes at a temperature of 70 degrees F. Wet or dry hand sanding is fine to do.<div
Available in four sizes, Fibral is a must-have in the repository of any automotive repair shop. It seals the flaws and gives the structure a neat finish, particularly because you can sand the extras and shape it the way you desire. Use the waterproof the U-Pol Fibral Sandable Glass Fiber Paste and the repair job you complete with it will stay intact in the years to come.

Key Features of the U-Pol Fibral Sandable Glass Fiber Paste:
  • Two Component Chemical Paste:helps bridge holes and rust on surfaces to reveal a clean look
  • Strong 2K Repair Paste: spreads smoothly for ease of application and renders a good finish
  • Hard and Durable Finish: cures surfaces of imperfections and keeps it long lasting
  • Fiber Enhanced and Waterproof: keeps the putty functional without wear and tear
  • Offers Flexibility: of sanding and shaping as necessary
  • Includes hardener

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