UPol Fantastic Ultra Light Body Filler 3 Litre



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   U-Pol Multifunction body filler that can be used for deep filling or finishing.
Excellent spreadability and super easy sanding properties.
Adheres directly to a variety of substrates including galvanised and some plastics.
Uses latest resin technology for a pinhole free very easy sanding product even after 24 hours.

Easy Sanding Lightweight Polyester Filler Description FANTASTIC polyester filler is a two component multifunctional paste used for the filling of holes and imperfections in most substrates. FANTASTIC has been specially formulated for the professional using the latest technology in lightweight body fillers, and it combines excellent filling properties together with the easiest sanding of all the U-POL fillers. Surface Preparation & Instructions for Use FANTASTIC polyester filler can be used on the following surfaces:-

 Bare metal – e.g. Steel Aluminium and Zinc coated substrates, degrease and abrade with P80 paper.  Original paint surfaces (with the exception of thermoplastic acrylics) – degrease and abrade withP180 grit paper.

 GRP – degrease and abrade with P80 grit paper. Health & Safety Statement FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Read full instructions before use.

IMPORTANT: This product contains hazardous materials and therefore appropriate personal protective equipment should always be used.

Please refer to the label and consult the material safety data sheet for full handling instructions and personal protection information. These are available via Variety Paints 'N' More  or via the U-POL website at WWW.U-POL.COM. U-POL disclaim any liability where the user does not wear the recommended personal protective equipment.

Mixing Ratio 100 parts by weight FANTASTIC polyester filler, 2 parts by weight U-POL hardener for polyester filler. The exact mixing ratio is not critical, although over or under catalyzation may affect the gel time. Do not greatly over catalyze the paste as this will not significantly speed up the gel time and could lead to bleed through and bleaching problems when over-painting later. Staining may also occure where too little hardener is used. Pot life Once mixed, 4-5 mins. at 20ºC with 2% hardener. Tools Mixing board, filler knife, plastic or rubber spatula. Drying Time Sandable after 15 mins. at 20ºC. IMPORTANT – This fillers is very easy to sand and therefore recommend that nothing coarser or lower than P80 paper is used.

Over-Painting FANTASTIC polyester filler can be over-painted with most paint systems including 2K. Product Codes FANT/3 – 3L tin (4 units/case) FANT/BL – 1L bag (6 units/case) DIS/FANT – 1.28L dispenser * (6 units/case) * NOTE: Fantastic Dispenser is to be used with special hardener HAR/DISP25 red-labelled tube. VOC Information The EU limit for this product (product category: IIBb) in ready to use form is 250g/litre. The VOC content of this product in ready to use form is 100g/litre

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