T15 Turquoise Australia Standard 1 Litre Quick Dry Enamel Mix

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T15 Turquoise Australia Standard 1 Litre Quick Dry Enamel Mix
T15 Turquoise Australia Standard 2 Litre Quick Dry Enamel Mix

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ST100640 is a quick and easy-to-use single pack acrylic enamel topcoat. It is specifically formulated to give a 1K single stage topcoat that will touch dry in normal ambient conditions within 20-30 mins depending on the temperature. It will be dry to handle (without baking) in 2-3 hours (fully hard dry, up to 7 days). NI640 Line colours give faster drying & overall better performance when compared to the typical QD (Quick Dry) alkyd enamel. This is a particular advantage when painting large objects such as tractors & mining equipment.

Gloss High. Note: To adjust gloss level, addition of 314-37 Nason® Industrial Enamel Matting Agent is recommended Refer Table 1, below.

Product Features Product Benefits Excellent gloss & colour retention Extended exterior durability Quick Drying Higher throughput Excellent flow & application properties High quality high gloss finish Hard when fully dried Resistant to handling & mech. damage Long open time & excellent overspray High productivity for spraying large items absorption Can be used as DTM for internal use only on properly prepared mild steel. For improved corrosion protection, prime the substrate with An industrial enamel primer or Etch Primer .

Product Uses / Applications As an air-dry enamel where longer term exterior durability of properly prepared metal surfaces is required in light industrial environments. Fabricated light structural steel, sheet metal; Industrial plant equipment & machinery; Mobile mining earth moving, construction and agricultural equipment & attachments; Exteriors of tanks, pipelines, Trailers ,storage & waste bins.

Not recommended for Where exposure to acids or alkalis may occur. Immersion service or over thermoplastic paintwork.

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