Surf City Garage Speed Shield Ceramic Paint Sealant 473ml

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NEW Surf City Garage Speed Shield Ceramic Paint Sealant 473ml

Product Details

Revitalize the depth of color in your paint within minutes using our innovative Speed Shield Ceramic Paint Sealant. The ceramic properties produce incredible clarity and lock in a deep, wet shine in your paint. The easy-to-use formulation includes advanced hydrophobic technology to repel water and leave behind a slick, streak-free surface, while locking out damaging environmental contaminants for months.


Special Instructions

Directions: (1) Mist on to a clean, cool surface. Stick to a 2 square foot section of the vehicle at a time. (2) Fold a clean microfiber towel into quarter sections and wipe down the designated area. (3) Be sure to switch over to unused microfiber sections frequently. TIP: It is a best practice to use multiple microfibers during a cleaning session. For even application, spray product directly on to towel and wipe down desired section. Works great on paint, plastic and chrome.


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