SprayMax Plastic Adhesion Promoter 300 Gram



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Ideal adhesion promoter for subsequent coatings on most plastics (comply with technical leaflet).


  • A light, thin and uniform spray suffices
  • Excellent adhesion characteristics
  • Very fast drying
  • Can be painted over after only 10 minutes
  • Greatest elasticity and yield
  • Laced with colourless, silver pigments


400 Gram 

  • Priming and adhesion promoter for all common car and truck plastic parts, exterior
  • Substrates:

    • PP, PP/EPDM, ABS, SAN, PC, PA, PUR-RIM, RTPU, PPO, PBT, PUR soft foam, UP-GF plastics


    • Thoroughly clean surface and if necessary sand lightly when dry
    • Damage must be free of fat and dust and be dry
    • Clean substrate with SprayMax SprayMax Silicone Remover
    • The substrate must be free of external lubricants;
    • Annealing is recommended.
    • Shake the can well for 2 min. Make a trial spray.

    Spray application:

    • 1 light spray, approx. 1-2μm

    Drying times:

    • Air drying 10min / 20°C
    • Can be painted over  after 10min / 20°C


    • Recoatable with all commercial quality fillers and topcoats


    • approx. 0.5m² - 1m² / spray can depending on the application thickness and substrate


    • To be used by specialists only
    • Wear personal protection gear (respirator type: A2/P2 safety gloves, e.g. Latex or nitrile)
    • After finishing the painting process, turn the can over and spray the valve empty.
    • Dispose of the completely empty spray cans as recyclable material

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