SprayMax 2K Grey Epoxy Primer Spray 400ml



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This is an Epoxy Rust-Cure Primer in an aerosol can. Contrary to conventional paint aerosols, SprayMax uses an innovative nozzle technology in combination with a new propellent technology that allows SprayMax aerosols to have more yield, faster workspeed, and a broader spray pattern than conventional aerosols. The result: professional paint results as with a spraygun, but without the disadvantages... no paint mixing, no cleaning of spraygun, no thinner for cleaning, no compressor, less overspray. SprayMax - patented technology only from KWASNY!


Salesman Notes:  SprayMax Aerosols work much like a conventional spraygun. They have high transfer efficiency, and great atomization. 



How to Use:  First, shake vigorously for 2 minutes before activating. 

To activate simply take the red button from the cap and attach it to the pin on the bottom of the can.  Put the top of the can on stable ground and push the button firmly.  Shake again for two minutes to ensure activator is thoroughly mix with primer.  After activated this product will last approximately 4 days. 



Product Characteristics:  SprayMax Epoxy primer has excellent adhesion and anticorrosion properties. Can be used on Zinc-Coated Steel, Anodized Aluminum, Hot-rolled or Cold rolled Steel, Fiberglass, and many other surfaces.


Preparation: Properly clean and sand surfaces to be primed.  Use a good quality grease and wax remover before priming.  Apply 2-3 coats of product.  Allow 5-10 minutes between coats.  After drying approximately 12 hours dry time lightly sand surface before recoating with topcoat or another primer.

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