SEM Color Horizons Caliente (Hot Orange) 250ml Basecoat

Automotive Colour & Equipment


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SEM™ Fluorescent colours will make any project stand out from the crowd.

Custom Finish Fluorescent Paints are a line of intense, eye-catching colors for creating custom graphics. 

Features Applications Properties

  • Extra bright colors
  • High visual impact
  • Compatible with multiple paint technologies
  • Base Color Under Fluorescents Should be a Bright White
  • Coats: 4-5 medium wet
  • Flash time: 10-15 min between coats

For best UV Protection use a Good Quality 2K Clearcoat once you have the coverage that you are after with the Fluorescent Colour normally 4 Coats of fluoro will be needed .



HANDLING AND APPLICATION PREPARATION: Over Base Colors, Paste Pearls, Lightning FX or Flakes:

Note: Fluorescent Concentrates have a short lifetime because of the limited "light-fastness" in the sun and are not recommended for overall refinishing or when long life of the color application is required.

All Fluorescent Concentrates should be applied over Base Colors Bright White for maximum brightness. Additionally, Base Colors Bright White can be tinted with Fluorescent Concentrates, usually 10% before reducing.

This will give the base a pastel tint of the fluorescent that will be applied afterwards, helping with the coverage of Fluorescent Concentrates. Base Colors, Paste Pearls, Lightning FX or Flakes should be allowed sufficient dry time, typically 30 minutes after last coat.  

Before applying Fluorescent Colour.

MIXING: Shake or stir thoroughly. 

1:1: With Reducer


Always use the reducer best suited to shop conditions. Dry times may vary depending on film build, shop conditions and reducer used.

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