Salty Captain Final Touch Hyperactive Ceramic Spray 500ml

Salty Captain


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Final Touch

Give your vehicle or vessel a new shine with this Hyperactive Ceramic Spray!

This ceramic spray is an affordable way to provide a shiny new coat for your boat. It’s easily applied, and keeps your vehicle cleaner for longer. Final Touch provides a water beading surface that keeps dust and salt off too. Even UV rays are less damaging when this ceramic coat is applied!

While great for regular use, this product can also be the last step to make your vehicle/vessel really stand out from others when trying to impress or resell. 


  1. Thoroughly clean your vessel/vehicle before applying. The more clean it is, the better the coat will adhere. 
  2. Spray a few pumps into a microfiber towel.
  3. Buff on to the panel working in 50cm sq areas.
  4. Take a separate dry microfiber towel and buff applied areas (circular motion) to work the product into the paint work.
  5. Repeat steps until all desired surface areas are covered.

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