Salty Captain Drip Dry 500ml

Salty Captain


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Elevate your car care routine with Drip Dry Hydro Coat. Its innovative formula acts as a temporary ceramic shield, making your car shine brilliantly while effortlessly repelling water spots. Simply spray, rinse, and enjoy months of extended protection. Your car deserves the ease and lasting beauty of Drip Dry Hydro Coat.

    Drip Dry Hydro Coat for a Fast, Flawless Finish

    Product Description:
    This Hydro Coat is designed for those who seek a brilliant shine with minimal fuss. This innovative formula is tailored for application right after washing your vehicle, acting as a temporary ceramic coat that not only enhances the beauty of your vehicle but also provides a shield against water spots.

    Its hydrophobic properties ensure water beads slide right off, simplifying the drying process. Embrace the ease of a protective coat that lasts months, not days, and can be effortlessly topped up wash after wash.

    Key Features:

    • Instant Hydrophobic Action: Ensures immediate water beading, reducing water spot formation and simplifying the drying process.
    • Quick Application: Simply spray post-wash, let it settle, and rinse off - achieving a brilliant shine has never been this quick.
    • Extended Protection: While temporary, the ceramic coat protection lasts for 2-3 months, ensuring long-lasting shine and protection.
    • Versatile Application: Suitable for use with the Captain's Musket or foam cannons, providing flexibility in your cleaning routine.

    Directions for Use:

    1. Once you've washed your vehicle, fill your Captain's Musket or Foam Cannon with Drip Dry Hydro Coat following the instructions on the side of the bottle
    2. Spray evenly across the vehicle, ensuring full coverage.
    3. Allow the product to sit on the vehicle for 15-30 seconds. Ensure the car is in a shaded area during application and not conducting a hot surface.
    4. Immediately rinse off with pressurised water, either from a garden hose or a pressure washer.
    5. Witness the hydrophobic magic as water beads up and slides off, leaving a gleaming, protected surface behind.
    6. Dry the remaining water beads off the vehicle with your microfibre towel.



    Salty Captain's simplicity shines through with QR codes on every product for quick and easy instructions. Enjoy hassle-free car care with our user-friendly approach.

    For the best results, consider giving your car a thorough cleaning, and if you have one, a clay bar treatment before application. While the clay bar isn't necessary, it can significantly enhance the outcome. Once your car is clean, it's time to use the product. Spray it on generously, and immediately rinse it off. It's vital not to let the product dry on the surface. This simple yet effective process will leave your vehicle looking its best.

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