S2-BC02 ORION SILVERMAX SHIMRIN2 House of Kolor 500ml

Brisbane Smash


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Orion SilverMax provides maximum performance, coverage/opacity, brightness on face, flop, and side tone, application simplicity and control. S2-BC02 Orion SilverMax is a Shimrin2® universal basecoat that may be cleared for a final finish, or used as a foundation for Kandies and your own Kustom Kreations when mixing with Kandy Koncentrates (KK). Maximum overall performance combined with optional components for color styling makes Orion SilverMax a must-have on every painter's bench while remaining a solvent base system that meets all local VOC rules.

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Reducer: RU311 Series  130MM


S2-00 302mm

S2-FX03 216.42mm

RU311 260mm = 780mm RTU

Put in 1 Litre Tin 

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