Rupes Microfiber Polishing Pad COARSE 150/170MM SINGLE



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RUPES BigFoot Microfiber Pads are designed to maximize the polishing power of BigFoot Random Orbital Polishers. The unique microfiber is engineered specifically for polishing and and deliver high performance cutting on even the hardest of paint systems. The one-piece molded design gives BigFoot Microfiber Pads the strength to work with the large-diameter orbital movement pioneered by RUPES and the patented spiral slots are arranged in particular arcs so they interface with the venting holes on the backing plates they mount to and reduce heat buildup on the polishing surface. The molded urethane center section provides higher rigidity than the foams used for competitive pad interfaces and allows the tool to translate the maximum amount of movement to the work surface increasing efficiency, cutting power, and providing a predictable and consistent operator experience. While the pads themselves may be white RUPES still deploys the signature color coding system, printing the pads designation on the edge making identify the correct pad and polishing compound combination easy.


Compared to relative foam polishing pads, RUPES BigFoot Yellow Fine Microfiber pads offer an increased defect removal rate without sacrificing finish quality when used with BigFoot Random Orbital Polishers. These pads feature patented spiral cooling slots to reduce heat build on the paint, and the unique 1-piece molded construction helps to minimize pad delamination common with glued pads offered by competitors. RUPES BigFoot Keramik Fine Polishing Compound is recommended and the combination is ideal for both standard and scratch-resistant paints of all colors where increased cutting is required, but the operator does not want to compromise on finish quality.

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