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 Bugs, tree sap, tar, road grime and birds don’t care about your paint. They’ll destroy it right down to the bare metal. But you care. That’s why we created Road Trip Grime Destroyer. It’s a gel that stays where you put it to dissolve, remove and clean any exterior metal surface of your car. Yes, even clear coats! No more using watery bug & tar removers that drip off before they can do any good. This powerful gel is the only bug and tar remover that can handle “Love Bugs,” the most paint damaging insects on earth. So love your car, not the bugs, and safely wipe it all away with Road Trip.

(1) Spray directly on surface grime.
(2) Wait 30 seconds.
(3) Wash away. For most stubborn grime, lightly wipe with a sponge or soft bristle brush.


 What Makes Surf City Garage® Enthusiast Grade® Detailing Products Different?

Road Trip Grime Destroyer                 

  • Triple-action gel formula sticks to the grime and dissolves, degreases and cleans on contact. 
  • Fast - Takes less than a minute to remove even the most stubborn grime.
  • Easy –Requires very little or no scrubbing. Just spray on and hose off.

Most Other Brands

  • Thin, watery products run straight off your car without dissolving grime.
  • Slow – Takes much longer and uses twice as much product.
  • Hard – Lots of heavy scrubbing required, which can damage your paint.

Surf City Garage's Detailing Tip:

Before you wash your car, use Road Trip to remove the toughest grime, bugs (including Florida’s infamous “Love Bugs,” tar, and tree sap without damaging your paint.  Then use Pacific Blue for a great, no scratch wash and real carnauba shine.
And to top it all off, Road Trip isn’t just for paint – it also works great as an undercarriage and engine degreaser.

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