QM1 Powder White NISSAN Debeers 1 litre Beromix 2000 2K Paint Mix 1IS SH1

Variety Paints 'N' More


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    Variety Paints 'N' More Stocks the BeroMix 2000 2K Series is a two-component medium solid topcoat finishing system that meets all the requirements demanded by the end user: easy to process, highest quality in protection and durability and a high gloss. The drying process is preset in such a way that all objects can be sprayed optimally and that the overspray mist is absorbed well. The result is a uniform, high-gloss surface. And the efficiency does not stop there! Through a careful selection of pigments, De Beer Refinish has managed to reduce the number of mixing colours to a minimum of 19, while still achieving an optimum colour range. Fewer mixing colours means less investment, lower stock and a higher turnover rate.

PLEASE NOTE 2:1 Mixing Ratio for this Product so 1 Litre of Hardener is required 

The BeroMix 2000 2K  Series has been developed by our Research & Development laboratory in Lelystad, in the Netherlands, where production also takes place. Valspar is ISO-9001 (company processes) and ISO-14001 (environment) certified. With these qualifications, we show that we are dedicated to controlling and guaranteeing the highest quality and the lowest environmental impact. In this way, De Beer Refinish meets the market requirements and serves the repair market by offering reliable distribution and excellent commercial and technical support.

Colour Tools

De Beer Refinish offers a colour database of over 50,000 car colours based on multiple variation samples.

You will be astonished at how simple it is to quickly gain access to all available colour information via ICRIS, the Intelligent Colour Retrieval Information Service software.

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