Prowin K357 Mini Gravity Spray Gun 1.2mm c/w 125cc Cup



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Nozzle: 1.2 mm S-Steel
Working Pressure: 30-45 psi
Pattern Width: 140 mm
Air Cons.: 3.2 cfm
Fluid Output: 80 ml
Fluid Capacity: 125 cc
Fluid Feed: Gravity
Fluid Inlet: M15
Weight: 280 g
  • K357M is an ideal spray gun for touch-up, custom detailing or small paint applications.
  • Chrome & Nickel-plated aluminum body for easy cleaning.
  • High grade stainless steel nozzle & needle for easy cleaning & long service life.
  • Teflon seals & packing.
  • Suitable for both oil and water-based painting.
  • Applications: 2-Pack, Acrylics, Enamels, Stains.


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