Prowin Gravity Feed Spray Gun 1,8mm 600cc Pot



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Spray Gun is mainly applied for car refinishing, House decorating, industrial/construction purpose, tanning, wood working, etc.
Prowin Tools Company’s Spray Gun is produced for excellent atomization and pattern; suitable for both oil and water-based paintings. Nozzle and Needle are precisely made of Stainless Steel for superb performances and long life.

K-818M is gravity feed spray gun. The best spray gun provides high-speed application with excellent material transfer efficiency and saving. Nozzle and air cap are precisely made for superior atomization. It's suitable for all industrial and refinishing paints. Con-taining accessories you need: 600c.c. Gravity Nylon Cup, Cleaning Brush, Spanner and a Paint Filter.
◆ Gun Body- is made of aluminum, Forged and carefully polished for finest surface treatment.
◆ Fluid Nozzle and paint Needle- are precisely made of stainless steel with hardened nozzle. That provides finest atomization and perfect finish. 100% strictly hand checked nozzle set ensure the superior atomization for complete spray gun as well as a whole range of spare nozzles. Waterborne paint materials qualified.
◆ Air Cap- is made of brass for ensuring a long lifetime. Special cap design provides excellent atomization as well.
◆ Teflon Material Seals & Packing- are acid and alkali proof for ensuring long lifetime. Less service needed.
◆ With Built-in Air Regulator, Material Flow Regulator, and Round/Oval Pattern Control Device.



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