Prowin 20Ltr Pressure Tank Comes with 10mt hoses & 1.2mm Spray Gun




Prowin Tools 20 Litre Pressure Feed Spray Gun System PW20LTRK 1.2mm Spray Gun Included

K818 Pressure Feed Spray Gun
Nozzle: 2.0 mm S-Steel
Working Pressure: 30-45 psi
Pattern Width: 300 mm
Air Cons.: 7.4 cfm
Fluid Output: 170 ml
Fluid Feed: Pressure
Fluid Inlet: M14 × 1.0P
Weight: 450 g
20 Litre Pressure Feed Tank
Hose: 8 mm ID x 10 m (PU+Nylon)
Tank Dimensions:
315L mm x 315W mm x 570H mm
Capacity: 20 Litre
Tank: Aluminium
Max. working pressure: 60 psi
Weight total: 26.0 kg
  • Spray large quantities of fluid without the need to refill a smaller gun-mounted pot. Another benefit of pressure feed systems is a lighter and easier to handle spray gun. Pressure Feed Spray Gun Systems includes a Prowin K818 2.0 mm Spray Gun, fluid tank and 10 meter supply hose.
  • Applications:
  • 2-Pack, Metallics, Enamels, Polyurethanes.
  • Features:
  • 10 meter hose
  • Tank Pressure Regulator
  • Air release valve
  • Safety release valve
  • Tank handle/hanger
  • Complies to CE standards
  • Manual Agitation


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