PMS347C Pantone Green Valspar Industrial Gloss 2K TB500 PU Topcoat 500ml

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PMS347C Pantone Green Valspar Industrial Gloss 2K TB500 PU Topcoat 500ml

PMS347 Pantone Custom Spray Paint

Two component, High Solid Polyurethane topcoat binder with an excellent appearance (Binder 70% - 30% Toner). Low environmental impact (the system has a VOC content max. 420g/l), easy-to-use, for air-drying and force-drying, high color fastness and weather resistance. TB500 is available in 3.5 Litre and 14 Litre.

4:1 With AU500 Activator and Max 5% Reducer 

Product Description: TB500 PU Topcoat Performance High Gloss with 70% Binder - 30% Color Toner, is a two component, high solid polyurethane topcoat with excellent gloss and flow. TB500 is specially developed for Industrial OEM, fleet and aftermarket repairs with very good air- and force dry capabilities, provides excellent UV protection. All Toners are chromate and lead free. TB500 is a low VOC <420g/l product.

Preparation: For more detailed information go-to TI-Substrate and Pre-treatment on Colour Retrieval System (CRS) or website Substrates:

Surfaces coated with Primers: FP400/401 Epoxy Primer, FP500/PB500 PU Primer DTM and FP600 Plastic Primer (adhesion test recommended).

Other: Solvent resistant surfaces, cleaned/sanded/hardened original and cured Coatings. Dry sanding: P320 – P400 (Please, check and change abrasive paper regularly as required) Wet sanding: P400 – P800

Cleaning: Surface must be dry and free from any contamination, e.g. oil, grease, release agents, use AD690 Solvent Degreaser.

 Mixing ratio with Activator and Reducer: (By volume)

TB500 PU Topcoat Performance

AU500 PU Activator

RS603 Universal Reducer Fast

or RS605 Universal Reducer Medium

or RS607 Universal Reducer Slow

or RS609 Universal

Reducer Ultra Slow 4 parts 1 part add max. 5% 



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