Smirdex 500 Grit Champagne No-Fil Velcro Disc 150mm 6+1H Single Disc

Saint Gobain


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Ultimate Performance

Norton A275 Delivers Results A275 is sandpaper technology at its best. It cuts faster, runs cooler, resists loading better and lasts far longer than any conventional sandpaper.

What makes high performance A275 deliver? A sharp, heat-treated P-graded aluminum oxide abrasive coupled with an anti-loading agent, bonded to a tough, tear resistant latex/paper backing. The result? A high-quality, high-performance long-lasting sandpaper that produces a quick, cool cut without loading. These discs are supplied in a 7 hole configuration and come in a box of 100. 

Light-weight paper Norton No-Fil Adalox A275 Discs are the performance leader in dry finishing. Available in a broad selection standard and vacuum of NorGrip (hook and loop) discs, Stick and Sand (PSA - pressure sensitive adhesive) disc rolls, and individual discs. Typical applications include preparing primed and painted surfaces for finishing, stripping primer and paint, sanding plastic and fiberglass, and bare wood sanding.

These discs are typically used on DA, orbital sanders and vertical


  • Premium P-graded, heat-treated aluminum oxide abrasive for superior life, fast cut rate, and consistent finish.
  • Unique fiber-reinforced, B-wt latex-saturated backing provides a 50-60% improvement in tear strength.
  • Flexible; can be used wet.
  • Water-based stearate, non-pigmented, No-Fil coating  provides maximum load resistance and extended life with no color transfer to work.
  • 5" and 6" individual PSA discs in fine grits have a tabbed, white translucent liner to protect the PSA adhesive from air-borne contaminants. The tab allows easier removal of the paper liner. 
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