Norton 180 Grit 125mm Speed Grip Velcro Disc 8 Hole Box 100

Saint Gobain


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Medium 180 Grit 125mm 8 Hole Speed Grip Velcro Discs .

The rugged scrim backing of Norton Hook & Sand’s paper sanding disc’s embedded loops fasten to the embedded hooks on the sander face, fastening it securely to the tool. Remove the disc when worn or job is complete. Partially used discs can be saved for future use.

 Grit Product Selection Guide

 Very Fine (240)  For very fine sanding of bare surfaces, primer and sealer sanding
 Fine (180)  For finish sanding and cleaning of bare surfaces
 Medium (120)  For light removal and smoothing of bare surfaces
 Coarse (80/60)  For moderate removal and leveling of surface imperfections
 Extra Coarse (40)  For heavy removal, stripping and dimensioning
  • P-graded aluminum oxide abrasive provides durability and value for dry finishing sanding applications.
  • Heavy-duty paper backing.
  • Water-based zinc stearated (anti-clog) and open coat for reduced loading.
  • Hook & loop backing makes disc changes quick and easy.
  • Industrial bulk packs.
  • CD300306 66623320503



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