Nason All Purpose White Etch Primer 4 Litres

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Nason All Purpose White Etch Primer 4 Litres
Product Description A single pack epoxy PVB etch primer, which can be applied as wet-on-wet or with intermediate sanding
Product Features Product Benefits More competitive applied costs than non-ferrous metals; fibreglass abrasive blasting Fast to topcoat high productivity Overcoat with most 1K/2K topcoats Flexible performance & cost systems Barrier coat on unknown coatings Cost effective for site maintenance.
Product Uses / Applications As a shop or site primer directly over properly prepared metal substrates including: mild steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, zinc plated steel, Zincanneal, Zincalume®, Colorbond®, aluminium, chrome, brass, copper, lead and alloys. Metal fabrications; Mobile mining, earthmoving, construction and agricultural equipment; Industrial plant equipment and machinery; Internal architectural elements.
Not recommended for Immersion service or over thermoplastic paintwork. Physical Data
Volume Solids: 14.3% VOC (RFU): 712 g/L Specific Gravity: 1.02 g/cm³ Dry Film Thickness: 15-20 µm Theoretical Coverage at 20 µm DFT: 7.15 m²/L Dry Time 20°C & 50% RH at recommended film thickness Dry to Sand: 60 minutes or bake for 30 minutes @ 60°C Dry to Handle: 60 minutes Full Cure: 90 minutes Time to recoat with a topcoat: from point of egg shell gloss (minimum 15 min) to 24 hours. Sanding is recommended after 24 hours to ensure optimum adhesion with topcoat. Surface Preparation Cleaning: Degrease using an Axalta approved wax and grease remover. Sanding: P120 sandpaper

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