Munsell 7.5GY7/4 Green Custom 2K Direct Gloss Spray Paint 300 gram

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Munsell 7.5GY7/4 = 



Munsell color system - Wikipedia


Variety Paints 'N' More can make some Munsell Colours that we have formulas for on our system 

How Color Notation Works
Here’s How Munsell Color Theory Works…
Munsell color order system is based on a three-dimensional model depicted in the Munsell color tree. Each color has three qualities or attributes:

Hue – color such as red, orange, yellow, etc.
Value – the lightness or darkness of a color
Chroma – the saturation or brilliance of a color
Hue, value and chroma are also referred to as (HVC)

Munsell Color Theory is based on a three-dimensional model in which each color is comprised of three attributes of hue (color itself), value (lightness/darkness) and chroma (color saturation or brilliance)

The Munsell Color system is set up as a numerical scale with visually uniform steps for each of the three color attributes—in Munsell color notation, each color has a logical and visual relationship to all other colors.

Disclaimer: All colours are representative ONLY there is NO GUARANTEE that the colour swatches below will match the actual colour in reality. This variation in colour is due to computer generation of colour values and your screen settings. Please seek actual samples of your required colour for 100% product satisfaction.

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