Car-Rep Paint Isolator 300 Gram

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CARREP PAINT  ISOLATOR is designed to isolate an existing sensitive paint film from a re-finishing coat that is likely to adversely affect it. It is a versatile single pack product that may be used with both single and two pack paint systems.

Uses ISOLATOR is designed to prevent solvent attack on an existing paint film. A typical use is to isolate an existing air drying enamel over which it is intended to apply acrylic lacquer. Also used for repairing sanded through C.O.B two pack finishes. Acts as a barrier coat and prevents lifting or frying. It is compatible with most automotive paint systems. Suitable over small areas of bare metal resulting from sanding through. Note-Apply only to surfaces in  sound condition. Imperfections eg crows feet or cracks must be removed or
repaired appropriately first.

Colour - Pinky 
Single pack



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