Metric 18 Piece Tap & Drill Set



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    Metric Drill and Tap Set includes:
    M2.5 x 0.45mm Tap with 2.05mm Tap Drill
    M3 x 0.50mm Tap with 2.50mm Tap Drill
    M3.5 x 0.60mm Tap with 2.90mm Tap Drill
    M4 x 0.70mm Tap with 3.30mm Tap Drill
    M5 x 0.80mm Tap with 4.20mm Tap Drill
    M6 x 1.00mm Tap with 5.00mm Tap Drill
    M8 x 1.25mm Tap with 6.70mm Tap Drill
    M10 x 1.50mm Tap with 8.50mm Tap Drill
    M12 x 1.75mm Tap with 10.20mm Tap Drill
    • Metric Drill & Tap Set consists of 18 precision ground HSS taps and associated tap drill bits.

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