Master Ultra Fast Drying Clear Coat 750ML KIT 2:1

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Master HS 2:1 Clear coat VOC 2.1 is a premium ultra-fast cure clear coat for spot and panel top coating.

 ULTRA FAST DRYING MASTER is a two-component, acrylic clearcoat. Its biggest advantage is very short drying time after application. Already after 50 ÷ 60 minutes from its completion and during drying outside the paint booth, the lacquered element can be mounted on the repaired vehicle.

It is quick high solids clear coat that is very easy to apply, offers exceptional clarity and superior finish. With Master HS 2:1 Clear coat VOC 2.1, a body shop can clear coat, polish and deliver a vehicle in the same day!

Bottom line = quicker turn around means more profit.

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