Master Cold Gal Epoxy Zinc Primer 1 litre

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A primer coating for all “unpainted steel surfaces” which will be subject to severe weathering conditions. Master Cold Gal may be used as a stand-alone protective coating.


A single pack Epoxy Ester based Zinc Rich Primer offers outstanding corrosion resistance and protection for steel as a single coat or as the primer in a multi coat finish.


USES: As a primer coat for all steel surfaces which are to be subject to severe weathering conditions. 110 Galvabond should be used as shop or field coat for structural steel, plates, tanks and pipelines subject to industrial or marine conditions. 110 Galvabond is also referred to as “Zinc Rich Primer” and “Cold Galv”. 110 Galvabond may be used as a stand-alone protective coating or as the base coat in a 2 or 3 coat system.

SURFACE PREPARATION: All surfaces to be painted should be clean, dry and free from oil and grease. 110 Galvabond should be applied only to clean bare metal, abrasive blast cleaned to AS1627.4 Class 2. However, satisfactory results will be obtained with this coating over wire brushed steel, providing the surface is free of all mill scale and rust and other contaminants. APPLICATION: Stir thoroughly until product is uniform. 110 Galvabond may be applied by brush, conventional air or airless spray. 110 Galvabond also comes ready for use in a 350g Aerosol spray can. For spray can application follow the spray procedure on the label. Excessively thick coats or multiple coats will not improve the performance of this product.

THINNING: For conventional spray application reduce between 15 and 20% with T-80 Reducer. For brush application thinning is not required.

CLEAN UP: T-80, T-14. DRYING: Touch dry 45 minutes, hard dry 4-6 hours (25°C). Allow 24 hours before overcoating 110 Galvabond with other primers or topcoats. Additional coats of zinc rich products, such as 110 Galvabond, will not be of any benefit.

COLOUR: Dull Metallic Grey FINISH: Matt COVERAGE: Theoretical coverage 8 m²/Litre at 50 micrometres dry film thickness.

PACK SIZES: 250ML,500ML,1 Litre or 4 litre. Galvabond is not available in larger packs due to its high weight per litre.

A 4 litre can weighs nearly 12kgs.

VEHICLE TYPE: Epoxy – Single Pack

PIGMENT TYPE: Pure Microfine metallic Zinc

FILM PROPERTIES: Solvent Resistance Fair. Chemical Resistance Good. Abrasion Resistance Excellent. Impact Resistance Good. Heat Resistance Good up to 100°C. Flexibility Good.

OTHER DETAILS: Zinc Rich paints may produce pressure when stored in sealed cans. Exercise caution when opening. Use care as cans of 110 Galvabond are much heavier than normal paint cans

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