Master C88 Premium HS Speed Clear 2:1 5 Litres

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C88 PREMIUM SPEED HS 2:1 is characterised by fast curing time. It is touch free (ready to mount) after only 90 minutes at 20°C. Using high quality resin allows the C88 PREMIUM SPEED HS 2:1 to work with all base coats available on the market.


Leaves a high gloss and scratch resistant coat. It is easy to apply. It has no tendency to flow from vertical surfaces allowing to get a perfect structure of the coat. Despite the fact that it is a fast product, the cured coat will not lose its gloss.

Thanks to its high final hardness, is easy to be devoid of any dirt inclusions during the further polishing process.


Dust free at 20°C: 25 ÷ 30 minutes.

Touch free at 20°C (ready to mount): 90 minutes.

Baking at 60°C (temperature of the object being baked ): 15 minutes.

IR Drying: 7 ÷ 12 minutes.

Full hardness: 7 days.

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