Master Acrylic High Opacity Gloss White 4 Litre HOW4

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MASTER HIGH OPACITY WHITE is an automotive grade acrylic lacquer topcoat. It is colour matched in the factory, eliminating the need to mix to a formula where a pure, bright white is required.
Uses HIGH OPACITY WHITE is a pre-formulated top coat ideally suited for the repair or refinish of vehicles finished in acrylic lacquers, baked enamels, and baked acrylic enamels. Not to be applied over nitrocellulose lacquers or air dry enamels. Can also be tinted with ACRYLIC LACQUER TINTERS.
Properties • Excellent Gloss • Excellent Adhesion • Excellent petrol resistance • Excellent durability
Surface preparation • Remove rust from bare metal by grinding or heavy sanding. Treat residual rust with RUST REMOVER GEL. • If required, repair dents, small indentations and holes with LIGHT WEIGHT BODY FILLER OR FIBREGLASS as per instructions for each product. • Apply ACRYLIC PRIMER SURFACER or PRIMER/PUTTY as required, following directions provided with each product. • Painted surfaces must be thoroughly sanded and edges feathered.
Thinning Thin 1 part acrylic lacquer with 1.5 parts acrylic thinner or multipurpose thinner. In very hot or humid conditions replace up to 25% of the thinners with RETARDER THINNER.
Application Apply by spraying two to three double header coats as required to give the desired finish. Allow ten minutes drying time between coats. For spot repairs, extend each coat beyond the edge of the previous coat blending into surrounding finish.
Drying Touch dry in fifteen minutes at 20°c. Allow 24 hours minimum at 20°C before compounding

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