LACV Lamborghini Arancio Californian Orange PEARL VINYL HAYMES Aerosol Paint 300 Grams

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Color Coat™ is a specialty elastomeric coating formulated to restore or change the color of most vinyl surfaces, flexible and rigid plastics, carpet and velour. Color Coat is not a dye, but a fade resistant flexible and permanent coating. 


LACV Lamborghini Arancio Californian Orange

MUST USE OVER A WHITE VINYL OR Paint an existing vinyl first with W351-HAVA White Vinyl Paint First as this colour is the sort of colour that will need several coats to achieve the desired colour 

We can also make this colour in anysize from 100ml to 4 litre that you can spray through a spray gun or airbrush call out office for more info .

Features Applications Properties

  • Refinish vehicle interiors and motorcycle seats
  • Enhance automotive carpet and velour
  • Superior adhesion, flexibility, and hiding
  • Will not crack
  • Quick drying and simple to use
  • Ready to spray quarts and gallons
  • 1000's of popular aerosol colors
  • Mixing system available for endless colors
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic
  • Carpet
  • Velour
  • Properly prepped and primed metal
  • 300g
  • Coverage: Aprox 1 Sq Metre 
  • NOTES 
  • Colour Sample is in store to View






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