Juice Race Wax Boost 500ml Trigger

AUTOMOTIVE Colour and Equipment


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Juice Polishes Race Wax is an advanced spray, wipe and shine formula designed to provide the ultimate finish on all surfaces including paint, chrome, plastic, glass and even stainless steel.

Waterborne polymers allow Race Wax to shine brighter and last longer without residue and stains that normal waxes can leave behind.

Race Wax specially designed emulsified formula uses the world’s most advanced nano technology to provide the ultimate finish on all surfaces including those that have been freshly painted.

Technical Data

Wash vehicle with Juice Rapid Wash and Wax using a Juice ClaySkin towel to remove surface grime. Dry vehicle thoroughly. Spray Juice Race Wax to one panel at a time, wipe off excess with a clean Juice Microfibre cloth and polish until required finish is achieved. Always apply to cool panels out of direct sunlight.

Available sizes: 473ml Trigger Spray, 3.78 Litre

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