JTape Tyre Mask for Rim Painting 20 PACK



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A flexible solution for the masking of tyres during the re-spraying of wheel alloys.
20 Per Pack
  1. Remove wheel from the vehicle and deflate the tyre.
  2. Before masking the wheel, clean the inner rim ensuring it’s free from dirt and grease.
  3. Apply the product by placing the elasticated band around the rim, ensuring the treated side of the film is facing upwards.
  4. When you have positioned the product into place, carefully flip the wheel over so the alloy is facing the ground, draw the corners of the product together & tape down.
  5. Once the product is taut, ensure the film is firmly in position but not so taut the elasticated band is coming away from the rim.
  6. To complete the masking process, flip the wheel over, checking that the elasticated band is still creating a seal and then paint.


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