Hichem Hammercoat Epoxy Paint Black 1 Litre (LIMITED STOCKS LEFT)

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HICHEM HAMMERCOAT is a quick drying industrial enamel with an excellent hammer pattern which is ideal for camouflaging surface imperfections with a highly decorative effect. It is a tough durable and anti-corrosive finish with outstanding adhesion. Uses HAMMERCOAT is suitable for use on metal parts, castings, sheetmetal work, machinery, timber and many other applications. It is typically applied to industrial and commercial machines and equipment where a heavy duty and decorative look is required.

HAMMERCOAT can be used to hide welding defects and surface imperfections. Properties Colour - Silver grey, charcoal, blue, dark blue, green, gold and red. See colour card. Features - Quick drying, tough, durable, decorative and defect disguising. Surface Preparation

1. Remove rust and mill scale by wire brushing, sanding or grinding. Any remaining surface rust should be removed using Rust Remover Gel.

2. Thoroughly degrease with PREPWASH..

3. a) For most applications eg bare steel or previously painted surfaces, 3250 Structural Primer is a suitable economical primer. b) For non-ferrous metal such as galvanised steel, zinc-alum, aluminium and on bare steel where outstanding adhesion and anti-corrosion properties are required, prime with HICHEM SUPERETCH. c) For timber surfaces, prime with suitable Oil based timber primer such as

HICHEM GENERAL PURPOSE UNDERCOAT. Thinning If thinning is required, use 10-15% ENAMEL THINNER E250.

Thin as little as possible as over-thinning may result in destruction of the pattern. Application

1. Stir thoroughly before and during use.

2. Apply by conventional or airless spray.

Apply a mist coat and allow to ‘tack off’, then follow with a full even single coat.

3. NOTE: the heavier the coat, the larger and more pronounced the pattern.

4. Re coat time: Before 12 hours or after 48 hours. Apply mist coat first, if after 48 Hours.

Drying Time Touch dry in 10 minutes. Dry to handle in 20 minutes.


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